LeHigh Valley Consignment

Services Include:


I started implementing the new template yesterday and it looks great! I’m so thrilled with all of the changes that have been made. I’ve noticed that sales have picked up as well. Not sure if it is a coincidence but I like to think not!

This new ebay store design was created for an ebay consignment shop seller in PA whose goal is to help local LeHigh Valley individuals and business owners alike make the most money for their products on ebay.  The design features their consignment service and friendly responsively customer service availability.

This design took a new turn for me that I have not incorporated into any of my other designs before as well.  It included automated product listings on the homepage itself starting from the highest marked product to the lowest.  I was even able to set how many products showed using the following ebay code:  {eBayStoresItemList SIZE=”6″}  –  Cool Beans!